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96 mx6 jerking/dying issues

hi, i just bought this 96 Mazda Mx6 it ran great the first couple of days. Now when i'm at a cruising speed regardless of gear or speed anywhere from 10-70 mph. it'll jerk when im trying to cruise, and it'll die when i shift to neutral almost instantly, some times it runs in idle perfectly fine, other times it'll run rough bouncing between 0-1000 rpms then die

I've rode in this car for 3 years it ran great and fine, guy sells it to me and i drive it for 48 hours and apparently mess everything up. i am new to a stick so that may have been my issue

for example i'll be going down a hill so i switch to neutral to coast to the light and it'll die almost instantly. A couple of times I've tried neutral then quickly to first while keeping the clutch down but it'll still die

any help on fixing this issue is greatly appreciated
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