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How-to Exhaust wrap / Heatwrap

Here's a how-to about heatwrap.. have fun..
Why to do: By wrapping your exhaust you'll keep the heat inside and that result in a lower under the hood temprature, This is good for the air for the intake but also for all the parts the surround the exhaust and manifold like oil lines, water lines but also the radiator is close to is.
It even gives some additional horsepower, because the temprature is higher than normal the exhaustgasses dont lose there kinetic energy, what results in a better flow.
If it helps? ill see later,
and if it looks nice? I think so, nice and racy haha

Its handy to start with the part that is most important, Imagine that the run out of the wrap.
First you do a pre-wrap, this is done with 2,cm or an inch of overlapping at each wrap. At the and take a little extra overlenght because if you wrap it a little different with the excual wrap...

Here you see the in lenght cutted pieces ready to be wrapped...

Now make the wrap wet and sqeese out excess water. By doing this you can wrap tighter and you'll and up with a nicer and tighter..

Here's the start. the first wrap is dubble and you take a metal tie to tie it...

Here's the result when one runner is done.. Je can see the metal ties a little too..

The result of a completly done manifold...

Here's a detaill pictures of how to wrap.. the wrap is approx. 5cm or 2inch wide, so the overlapping is the half. Watch out in corner that you dont put to much wrap build-up there, this can result in hotspots because is much hotter there and the heat cant go away, also is stays longer hot there. This CAN result in cracks in the exhaust

Also pre-wrap the downpipe...

to continue again with wetting it..

The next step is easy, letting it dry overnight or in the sun hehe

When its dry you have to close the wrap to prevent moisture, oil and dirt can stay in the wrap makin it rot, if you dont have the attached spary you can use a heat resistant spray black or silver. Only this will smell the first km's..

If all looks good, al the ties ar tight you can put them back, hopefully you like
my how-to and it will be helpfull next time.

greetz robii

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wow, great write-up. :-)
Karma 4 u

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Nice work.. Hope it does what you expect it to.

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Interesting, I didn't know about wetting it first. Seems it worked well. Good write up, karma'd.

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