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Old 3-30-06, 11:52   #1 (permalink)
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Bad Tie Rod symptoms?

What are the symptoms when your inner or outer tie rods are shot?

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inability to hold an alignment, possible high speed wobble, increased tire wear.

those are some of the more common symptoms.

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Hate to threadjack, but this is what makes me think my tie rods are gone, or something else is wrong with the steering. I just got my car back on the road after 2 or so years of barely being driven, and just before I got it on the road, I got new tires in the fronts, new break pads in the fronts, and an alignment. When I checked my fluids, my power steering was bone dry. This could be just from having sat for 2 years, but I filled it again, and havent bothered to check to see if its dry again, but I will do that soon. When I started driving, I noticed that I have a lot of front end wobble when I press the brakes at higher speeds (55+) My front tires were completely bald on the outside, and I hadnt had an alignment, and desperately needed one, so after I got new front tires and an alignment, it stopped doin it so bad, but it still does it bad enough to cause concern. I thought it was just because my pads needed to be worn in, or I needed to have my rotors turned. Well, its been almost a month, and it still does it, and its not getting any better. Also, when I got new tires, I noticed I have a blackish grease all over the inside of my passenger side wheel, and all over my steering and suspension components. I thought it would have been PS fluid, since the resevoir was bone dry, and it looked like the bulk of it was comin from around the tie rods and power steering pump, etc, but some guys on here said that PS fluid isnt a blackish grease, and that my CV joints are probably bad, and thats where the grease came from. Also, I started noticing that when I turned left, I heard a single, loud pop every now and then, similar to the sound that our upper strut mounts in the front often make after lowering our cars. This sound has been getting worse. It hasnt starting doing the usual bad CV joint *Clackety-clack* noise, but it does appear more frequently, mainly on left hand turns, as one loud *POP*. I have no idea if its my tie rods, or something else with my steering, or my CV joints. What does this all sound like to you guys?

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Old 3-30-06, 19:37   #4 (permalink)
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Symptoms of bad tie rod ends: Torque steer (swerves one way when you accelerate, and the other way when you brake), bump steer (won't go straight on a bumpy road), won't hold an alignment (but they should check tie rod ends when they do an alignment).

To diagnose more exactly, jack up each front wheel in turn, then put hour hands at 3 and 9 O'clock, and see if you feel any play when you try to twist the wheel. To get more leverage, stick a broom handle in the spokes and repeat. If you feel any play, then remove the wheel, and put a lever on the tie-rod end, and see if you can detect any looseness (because the looseness might also be in the lower control arm bushings).

Chrissmazdamx6: If you get a vibration only on braking, it's very probably your brake rotors (especially if you feel pulsing in the brake pedal). The "pop" is something different; it may be tie-rod ends, or lower control arm bushings, or ball joints. Jack up each front wheel, and see if there's play.
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Old 3-30-06, 19:50   #5 (permalink)
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I kindda have your symptoms In my case its the front bushinggs of the lower control arm. and tis is how i found out I raised my car and could pull the tire in and out and the pivot was the rear bushing and the play came from the front bushing
I get the loug pop too and i guess it happens when the arm shifts within the bad bushing.

EDIT: i see that someone already mentioned this oh well...

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Ill check out all my bushings. My Ball Joints are fairly new, so they should be good, but everything else I think is stock. That doesnt explain why I have grease all over my wheel and suspension components though. Anyone got any ideas on that?

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Jack your car up and check. Make sure, dont assume.

If either inner or outer are bad, expect to replace both.

Chris, heres a few suggestions:

Your outer tie rod ends may be bad. The stockers are grease packed and sealed.. when the rubber cracks and splits grease leaks out. The new ones are grease packed also, but they can be regreased through a grease zirk.

It also could be the cv axle boot.. if its cracked.. it will spit grease everywhere and lots of it.

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