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2014 Mazda6 Video First Look


After unveiling the sedan at the Moscow Motor Show, Mazda has revealed the 6 Wagon at the Paris Motor Show.

With an all new platform, a new 2.5-liter SkyActiv engine, not to mention new fuel efficiency and safety technologies, get all the details on the 2014 Mazda6 in our first look video below.
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LARKEN 10-19-12 20:09

All day and all of the night.

Mazda Canada - YouTube

JoeyV 10-19-12 21:04

lol, he spits out 5 mistakes/false info in less than a minute.

LARKEN 10-19-12 22:18


Originally Posted by JoeyV (Post 2400767)
lol, he spits out 5 mistakes/false info in less than a minute.

Huh ?? And your problem is what ??

JoeyV 10-20-12 18:37

Here they are:

1) We WILL be getting the wagon in NA

2) the base 2 liter SkyActive engine is 155 HP, not 148

3) the 2.0 SkyActiv WILL be available in NA as well as the 2.5

4) the 2.2 diesel will be NOT be coming to NA in the Mazda6 (Well it might, but it's not yet been confirmed, just like the current V6 might not be retained, nothing confirmed yet)

5) the 2.2 Diesel will make closer to 189 HP and 310 TRQ, not 150 and 280

DarkMx-6 10-22-12 17:06

I like the diesel already

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