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hey guys whats up lol
ryan i got my pistons they are super ope looking mean as hel. and havnt taked to you forever bill. but yea i am getting my block baked today and then am taking it over to get bored. ordered me my turbo timer the other day too and am ordering my intercooler and piping as soon as i get my taxes back. should be lots of fun putting my car back together.

well ryan you need to get done with you ze and get it ready for the races this next summer. you should talk to dan and see if he still has his NOS kit. i think he only wanted like 300 bucks. but if you do it right you wont have a problem like he did. i have his number if you are thinking about it.

do any of you guys no how to use a fmu and what one i should get. i need one way bad but have no idea how to use it or anything.

2001 grand prix gtp
15.3 1/4 mile with a 2.3 60' with 3.4" pulley and no cat and intake.
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