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Well since it died down a little here i'll post...

Have you guy's noticed a long time ago like 3 years ago, you would go on ebay and have like 100 items for sale under mx6....have you noticed how much it grew?? Some frieky stuff, now its like almost 1500 items and almost 30 pages of stuff, true its mostly CAI's and Glow-Gauges, but seriusly......

One more thing that i wanted to point out is how this forum grew trumendiously in the past 2 months i mean now you can find like 5-20 new posts a day compared to like 2 a day, LOL.....Not too bad....

Also i'd like to take this oppertunity and thank all the newbee's for joining our site(again)!!! Well that was a load off my sholders(sp)......uh!!!!!

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