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Ok, so I drove home from Bellingham to PT today (spending the weekend) and in Oak Harbor I ran into a little fag. It was a 2 lane road, coming up to a light which just turned green I passed a blue del slow with 20" wheels, nasty body kit, single chrome wiper (BLECH) and a retard behind the wheel, hat sideways, perfect ricer stereotype. Anyways, apparently he didn't like being passed (he was stopped at the red light, and it just turned green) so he does a ricer move, jerks into the other lane and guns it. He pulls up beside me and I'm assuming he wanted me to check out his ugly ride cause he revs his shit mobile up high (sounded like one of those wet shower farts, ya know?) I didn't even give him the glorification of looking over, I just stared straight ahead. Anyways, I hate ricers and can't beleive how stupid they are, with their cars and just in general. I hate being a teenager who falls into that stereotype automatically until I prove otherwise, I get no respect at car shops of all types, stores, mechanics etc etc etc.... because they think I don't know anything and want some NAWZ YO!!111

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