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I know exactly who you are talking about, I've seen him driving around town. He's next on my list to smoke with my Camaro or my Z. There's so many of them around here too. One night about three months ago I was cruising around with my friend Zach who's got an 89 Mustang LX with a s/c 5.0 and we rolled up on a gang of them at burger king. He asked them if anyof them wanted to run, and some guy with a gray(primer) crx with a widebody kit asked Zach if he had 5 grand to put down. Apparently he doesn't know that the loud whine from under the hood is a supercharger. Anyway, none of them wanted to do shiz, so we left. Next night we were in my Camaro and we saw him cruisin with his girlfriend. We got a light and I handed him his azz. He wasn't satisfied with that and I had to beat him from a roll too. These guys are such a joke around here. I can't wait till I get the 6 back up and running.

I ordered a tb spacer and an electric water pump a couple days ago, so once I get that on, I'll go look for that del sol for you.

Also, if you ever pass through Oak Harbor, feel free to stop by my place, I'll show you the rides. I live about 5 miles south of town about a block off 20.
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