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I might not be needing a head afterall...I had my mechanic look at it to see if it was going to be usable at all (we noticed the spark plug holes are cross threaded and need to be helicoiled). we took it apart...they ground the cam down, and it is now under minimum tolerance, the cam journals are ground to shit, the chambers are diff CC (or something like that), and worst of all, the port and polish went too deep around the valve seats, so the seat bumps out from the runners!!!! so I'm going to call them on monday and tell them they need to give me my money back and I'll send it back to them. my mechanic said that ANY mechanic would be able to tell it was shitty, and that the machinist was either high and hung over or just didn't care...i'm very unhappy with them for this.
on a plus note, i'm getting my good head (we had the one on the car valves, pressure tested, yada yada) ported by a guy that used to work in a machine shop for a pretty good price...

I tried to go to the auto show did 5 thousand other people!!! I didn't want to wait in the line to get off the freeway for 2 hours, so I went out to my mechanics to chat, and then drove state for a while watching stupid ricers good fun.
later everyone
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