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ryan, I never heard back from them...left my number with them on saturday, and I've been dealing with the place that sent me the head, and then I picked up a turbo it's a garrett, rebuilt, has about 1,000 miles on it. .48 A/R exhaust housing and .60 A/R compressor side, 57 trim t3/t4
I think I'll pass on the IHI...i don't want to have to make my own flanges and stuff, and garretts are quite a bit cheaper. it is $350, came with the manifold and dp flanges, and a SS oil's oil cooled only. I need to find some kind of adapter for the inlet...this one is about 3" i think, and a 2" outlet on the compressor. it should be fun
now I need to decide if I wanna use the stock exhaust manifold, or drop $300 on a custom one with runners. think one would be any better than stock?
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