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Originally Posted by Chino
oil cooled only... I need to decide if I wanna use the stock exhaust manifold, or drop $300 on a custom one with runners. think one would be any better than stock?
Yikes...oil cooled only...Water cooled is your friend...That turbo and manifold gets VERY hott and there's not a lot of oil going through it to keep it cool:

Yeah, that's hott shit...and a water cooled turbo...Seriously consider it. The alternative is to let the car idle for SEVERAL minutes after driving to allow the turbo to cool adequately, even after relatively mild driving. Otherwise the oil will burn or 'coke' inside the turbo bearings, leading to premature turbo failure.

As for the manifold, the benefit is nothing that another psi of boost won't cure.... Goldy, Jeremy, Zach Matt, countless other members here haven't had any problems making 250whp/300wtq on it...Keep that in mind...$300...or 1 psi, or LESS of boost

But yes, T3T4 is good stuff.

Remember, you aren't wanting any rediculous power #'s and it isn't for a racing application

Swooshman, Josh is spot on...interesting though I haven't ever had problems with air lock in a 2G

Nick...I was acutally just up there!! And Evolution Ale = New '2002' Schweet huh!! And of course I'm down any time...Park City, My Garage...Yeah..

VRIS IS FUN!!! /random


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