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Power: 5
Car/Model/Engine/Year: Ford/Probe GT/KL-ZE/1995 (car, motor unknown)

Method of forced induction used: T3/T04

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Yep, probably about the largest one you can use without removing or modifying the bumper support (bad Karma to remove it).

Piping/drive system for SC's: Ludespeed hot pipes to my HS Gen V primaries and made my own FMIC pipes.

Fuel mods: Walbro 255 HP fuel pump, Aeromotive AFR holding back a dual feed setup.

Engine/tranny mods: Stock 10:1 compression internals, CM IIR clutch mated with Fidanza 9lbs. flywheel. Yes, I said CM IIR.. and over 10k miles on it with boost as well as 40k on the clutch total by me.

Special features on your system: LM-1 and LC-1 wieband controllers with an XD-1 digital gauge. Megasquirt goodness of course. Hmm, not much of it's really "special" though unless you want to call me "special" for making the efficient power that I do.

Performance: 317whp @ 8.5psi is the last time I went to the dyno. Raised the boost since, but why bother spending the cash on dyno since no one else does.

Was it hard to come up with this: I pieced it all together from parts from eBay to Summit to the boards (hot pipes). Now it'd be even easier and cheaper.

What is your knowledge about cars: When I started the project, I knew almost nothing about these cars. Now, it almost bothers me how much I know about a car that's been out of production for 9 years.

How long did it take to build your system: 3 weeks to install it. This was a foolish idea but I was unemployed and had all the parts sitting there so there I went with another friend (Hankman on here I think) freezing in late october/early november. I wouldn't do it again like that. Definitely take my time next time around.

How much money have you spent on this all: I've never added it up. I refuse to.

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Take things slow for the install and running it at first. It's not just a wrenching job that you can go mash the gas on first time out if you expect any of these motors (especially any stock internal'd ones) to last long.

Jeff ~ 1995 PGT ZE-T MSnS-E v3 (317whp @ 8.5psi / 275whp @ 5.5psi)
FS: Borla for sale.
FS: Clear headlight covers, headlight, fog, tail, gauge cluster
90 PGT MTX with 97k original miles!
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