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Post Photoshop Requests Here!!

Originally Posted by your friendly moderators
Alright, so there's getting to be a lot of photoshop requests lately. This is something I've (Mavric) wanted to do for awhile, and Odin concurred it would be a good idea. If anyone has a photoshop request, post it here. If there is one in the open forums, it will be deleted or merged into this thread no questions asked. Also, to keep the thread clean, don't post comments unless it has a photoshop attached to it or it is necessary. Because there are and probably will be merged posts, some replies may not make sense.


Well, I'm thinking about what colour to paint my car in the spring. The car should look factory new by spring, and I'd like to compliment it with a fresh coat of paint. I've got a guy who'll do it for free. I'm thinking of having the bottom blue and top black, or top blue and bottom black, can someone please photoshop a stock '95 mx-6 ls with that kind of scheme? thanks.

These were the colours I was thinking

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