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yeah ill work out this pic posting thing very soon i promise.

I called Cory from magg wheel and tyre centre today to have a chat about my ride hight that im not happy with, he really counldnt help me as he wont sell Kings but he said he was happy to modify the springs properly (if there is such a thing) i called King Springs and they said the GD on super lows will sit the rear 30mm lower because the fronts cant handle being that low. they say any lower the spings will fall out if jacked up???? 000mx6 yours sit quite low on the front, do your springs seem real loose when jacked up? i had standard hight front kings on before, should i kick up a stink and get my money back on the new fronts and just cut my old kings???

EDIT- see the pic above, my car (silver GD) should sit the front bumper the same as 000mx6 car (white 1st gen)

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