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Originally Posted by Gabe17 View Post
I think your car would look so much better with some other rim. There are others that are more fashionable, and the right color so you wouldn't be dealing with having to paint rims. Also, I dunno if its just me, but are your tires sticking out of the fenders? like wayyyyy out? For some reason I'm getting that from this picture. If they are, that'd be another reason for my suggestion.
Maybe, I've seen some bayside blue r32 gtr with some nice silver rims. I will be seeing how much it costs to get them stripped, I have a photo of the car in Japan with silver rims

Wasn't sure how it would look in real life though compared to that pic, the wheels were powdercoated before I bought it.

The wheels are just legal for my car, ie they are barely within the guard, all guards are rolled, it's a big no no here to have your tyres sticking out.

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