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Sprint Auto Parts are a Registered dealer of King springs too.... and they sell a whole set for around the same... also REDMX_TX5, if ya dont wanna do the suspension yourself i can do them for a carton of beer or something... up to you really... $30 is a whole lot cheaper then $300 also what model TX5? coz an old family friend has a BK shop and makes em himself so they are good quality, he might even be able to custom make one too... he has 1 Bodykit for AR/S but not too sure on the later models, i know he has them, but i dont know of prices and looks... also... next wednesday anyone up for a Christmas dinner or anything?

Christian, did you beep at me last night while i was in the servo? or were you beeping at someone else? i tried to catch up to you but some wanker in a Corolla (must be the cars :P) was stopping me from passing....

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