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Car/Model/Engine/Year: MX-6 LS 2.5L KLO3/KLDE V6 '93

Method of forced induction used: Turbonetics T3/T4 Hybrid 60 trim, stage 3 exhaust turbine wheel, with Turbonetics Godzilla BOV, and TurboSmart 38mm wastegate

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: PWR air-to-water "barrel" style front mounted

Piping/drive system for SC's: pre-fabbed hot pipes, and i custom made the IC pipes: 2.5" into 3" right before intake manifold

Fuel mods: none so far... need some help getting my MS put in

Engine/tranny mods: Pauter Forged Billet 4340 Rods, Wiseco Forged 8.5:1 pistons, custom Clevite 77 Rod & Main bearings, Toga high flow oil pump, custom stainless oil filter, Fully ported and port matched heads,

Special features on your system:

Performance: not sure yet, haven't tuned it yet, still breaking in motor

Was it hard to come up with this: YES!!!!

What is your knowledge about cars: pretty thorough, but never enough

How long did it take to build your system: 2 weeks, 2 days

How much money have you spent on this all: TOO MUCH!!

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Invest in some Tylenol or Excedrin Stock
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