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1984 Ford Escort Diesel

Now, you say.. why, why would i consider that car?

I'll tell you why. I had one... a 1987 Ford Escort Diesel 5 speed 5 door. Excellent Car. At least it was until I rolled it over on the way home from work one day.

Let's put it this way... if that guy is getting 45 mpg, he is driving it like a maniac.. I used to get 55 in my old Diesel Escort. It has loads of torque down load.. 0-20 is amazing.. granted.. it doesn't like to go more than about 85, mostly that is gearing.

This is the Mazda RF diesel, in it's best form. In theory, you could pull that engine and slap it in a '83-'92 626/MX6... GC or GD model.

It is ripe for a turbo, and a proper ECU control.

The escort is a little small, but not so bad. Great commuter car. My mom used the one we had for a while.. Sure it only has a 13 gallon gas tank, but that is around 700 miles per fill up....

Frankly, it is probably the best Escort that Ford never built... since the Escort was mostly based off of the 323.. and that is a Mazda Engine all the way.

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more info:
DieselEscortOwners : Diesel Escort Owners

somebody in lynnwood got one up and running this past week... rockin'
The Pound Puppy: 1st-gen Ford Escort Diesel Wagon! - Seattle, Washington

If I had a second 5 door 626 with a bad engine.. ... I'd consider the swap.. muahahahaa...

ex-owner of: a 90 626 GT Touring Sedan 5 Door "scalded weasel", and previously a '89 MX6 DX
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