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juanpac_tupac 12-5-18 20:57

Update on 90 1g dx. New wheels too
Well heres sort of a looks update on my 90 1g DX. Need to get some better photos but havent taken it out since the new wheels went on. Theyre 17x8.5 on 235/45 R17 tires. Will take some better pics when im out next time. Note that in some pictures my oil cooler was the wrong orientation. Flipped it lol im going to put some venting up on the front of the hood ill worry about fitting those hoses then. Replacing the factory coolant reservoir with a black 3inx8in vented cylinder and will probably suck it up and finally do some wire management. Just being lazy.

Hopefully the links work trying a different way of posting pictures

1FIERCEGT 12-7-18 1:05

Looking good man. I would have assumed this wheel size would be an issue on the rear...?

juanpac_tupac 12-7-18 18:10

Thank you! These wheels and tires fit and spin/ doesnt rub. Surprisingly, and barely fit too. I had to install the wheel virtually parallel with the hub face or the tire would hit the shock absorber and act like it wouldnt fit. Like a few tries in i thought it wasnt going to work out, but it did. If i had a 235/50 tire it wouldnt work. I purchased the wheels with used tires though. Ill test fit a new 235/45 tire and verify the tread thickness doesnt compromise the fit and if it does then use a 235/35 tire. It looks like theres enough space for new tread though.

1FIERCEGT 12-15-18 2:19

What offset are those rims? (I have to get stickier rubber for this coming car season and I'm worried my 7 inch wide rims won't be able to hold 225 rubber safely. So now I might have to end up selling my rims and finding a new set just to be able to use 225's... car spins tires in 3rd gear on highway on high boost even though currently my tires are decent 215/45/17 Dunlops...365whp 410WTQ lol)

Do you really need 235 though? Wouldn't 225 with sticky rubber be good enough? I'm aiming to use 225/40/17 with drag radials.

juanpac_tupac 12-15-18 11:15

Tbh i dont know the offset. I need to determine it though cause a couple degrees more negative with the offset it wouldnt fit the wheel. I imagine itd be good info for whoever else trying to jam an 8.5 in wheel in our cars. Id rather spin tires than rip gears and clutches so i havent gone the drag radial route yet. 225 probably will be adequate especially with drag radials. My previous set were 215s on an 8in wheel with falken azenis rt615k performance tires. Those never really spun on 8psi big turbo no idea how much hp or torque. I went the 235 route just for the fitment not really for the added grip.

blackmx6 12-16-18 1:25

Looking nice bro, interesting oil cooler placement. Nice wheel setup, keep up the good work and keep us posted.

Mazda_Powered 12-18-18 13:35

I like it! Turbo setup looks heavy duty, what numbers are you putting down? Or what turbo is it?

Wheels look good too, stock struts and coilover sleeves?

juanpac_tupac 12-18-18 23:59

Thanks guys! Have yet to have it on a dyno so dont have numbers yet but installing water meth in the near future and will tread on up the boost level past the 8psi spring on it now. Ive never had one of these on the dyno in general so even rough power levels are just a guess but feels like high 200 hp range i think. T3/T4 .60ar compressor .63 turbine. Forgot the trim. Not sure how much more my oem clutch can take but its hanging in there.

turbosho 1-15-19 19:13

Looks good....what happened to your factory harness?:laugh:

juanpac_tupac 1-21-19 11:04

well rats chewed up the stock harness and my megasquirt came with harnesses so i just ran new engine management wiring off the ms3x harnesses. then rats came through again!!! after i patched the holes in my garage (apartment garages with shared walls) them little suckers got my wideband harness, ign wiring, and some fuel wiring. repaired it all. going to head to a junk yard whenever an mx6 shows up and buy the wiring harness and adapt to that for a cleaner harness. im no where near professional level so its roadkill but eventually ill sit through a proper wiring harness youtube lesson and use fancy connectors. :laugh: :laugh:

1FIERCEGT 6-24-19 15:56

I hear you on rather on "rather spin the wheels than break something...' that's why I don't wanna go too wide, both for fitment/rubbing headaches and don't wanna be way too grippy. 365 whp and over 400WTQ is a lot easier to spin than 8psi power as you might imagine. i think the size and type of rubber I'm planning on using will still likely spin a bit so it *shouldn't* be too harsh or shocking (i hope). Presently it spins 215/47/17 Dunlop Direzza's for a bit even at 120 km speed before it gets traction. The Direzza's were great for up to around 250whp but now it's just spin city, even on lower boost (around 270 whp), the lower gears are useless unless just cruising.

Mazda Carnage 6-27-19 15:37


Originally Posted by 1FIERCEGT (Post 2652116)
I Presently it spins 215/47/17 Dunlop Direzza's for a bit even at 120 km speed before it gets traction. The Direzza's were great for up to around 250whp but now it's just spin city, even on lower boost (around 270 whp), the lower gears are useless unless just cruising.

I hope your going with at least a 225 tire width, an N/A tune f2 can spin 215's, you have increase hp by 240% and torque by more than 200% over stock F2T and you have increase the tiny patch of rubber that meets the road by only 10% (20mm/2cm).
Just program lower boost and a bit less timing in 1st and 2nd gear and get wider tires.

DarkMx-6 7-12-19 9:35

Here you go :) please copy and paste in your first post

I'm really liking your car, it makes me really miss my white 6 :(

Is paint in the future for this car?

How did I get the direct link for google photos?

juanpac_tupac 7-13-19 11:02

Sweet thanks! Paint will be neccesary. Thinking a dark grey or blue. White looks really nice too. Wont be able to afford it professionally any time soon so itll be a diy project for sure. Shouldnt be that bad. Half tempted to buy better looking lesser mile mx6 to put my stuff in. This thing needs all new everything underneath to make the power feel even remotely safe lol torque steers really bad, hoping if everything underneath is new/newer itll handle the power better. Maybe not

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