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BlueInfinity48 3-29-10 22:48

KL into 89PGT
I really want to do this. Why? Because my F2T is being rebuilt and I wrecked my 96PGT so the motor is doing nothing. I don't think it has ever been done so why not try. I like the KL, but when my F2 is ready it is going in. I had just bought Pacesetter headers, KLG4 manifold and Outlaw Spacers just before the accident. Plus I have a 75 shot. I wanna see how quick it will be.

chief tool 3-29-10 23:19

well.....quit messin around and get it in'll be interesting to see the results.

SABBAi 3-30-10 2:38

Agreed. just get on with it!

BlueInfinity48 3-30-10 3:22

Question? Can the axles travel inward at maybe a 15 degree angle. I'll post pictures if your confused.

chief tool 3-30-10 3:26

Hmm, its not impossible, but like anything non factory, ask yourself why you need to do it as it will add an increased risk of problems.

I would have thought that the transmission placement would be more or less the same position as an F2 NA, Therefore no probs with driveshaft fitment.

jesiotrot 3-30-10 3:44

What mounts have you got in there to make it sit 15 degrees out???

SABBAi 3-30-10 5:25

none by the looks of it at the moment :)

monoxidechild 3-30-10 6:59

hit up FRCFD on PT. he installed a FE3 into a 2nd gen. mostly using a mix of OEM mounts. so he could probably help you some. even though its the exact opposite.

BlueInfinity48 3-30-10 11:05

Well I have te engine mount on a N/A f2 pass mount and a F2T driver side trans mounts. the shift lingage is connected and wont let the motor go back any farther.

ademan 3-30-10 11:13


Originally Posted by BlueInfinity48 (Post 2299429)
Because my F2T is being rebuilt [/IMG]

didnt you have a supposely built motor and being rebuilt:(. i still have my stock motor running great. i guess now you need to actually tune the car. :confused:

concealer404 3-30-10 12:41

I've thought about this on and off.

You can fit both a KL and an FE3/F2T into a BG chassis, using a mix of OEM mounts.

Therefor, you SHOULD be able to fit a KL into this chassis as well. As well as a BPT. (But why?)

lundgren420 3-30-10 13:45

Subscribed. Glad to see you doing something else risky with a first gen. :tup:

BlueInfinity48 3-30-10 15:21


Originally Posted by ademan (Post 2299526)
didnt you have a supposely built motor and being rebuilt:(. i still have my stock motor running great. i guess now you need to actually tune the car. :confused:

I have the Wisecos and Pauters, the oil pump went out and i spun a few bearings. So i have to rebuild. my colt cam was destroyed as was the head.
just getting a new crank, bearings, rings, then the head is being built with Ferrea valve train.

matt89glturbo 3-30-10 20:34

Not sure how fast you till be doing this, but I will be mocking the setup into ont of my cars late this summer...from what I know about mounts...ytou can do it the way you describ ed, but the car will b every torque biased in one direction...when I did my gl to gt swap, I didn't know that mount was different, and ran a while like that, car always pulled the same direction no matter the conditions...I was planning on trying it with both gt mounts for the top 2, then custom brackets for the front/rear trans mounts...not the highest priority project atm, otherwise I would say I could do it a new dd I wanna get running, and a 1gen mx6 I'll be prepping for a local figure 8 derby race...

BlueInfinity48 4-2-10 4:21

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