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1FIERCEGT 11-8-18 2:03

Spark issue in 5th gear only
EDIT: Discovered today that it happens in other gears but not consistently, mainly happens in 5th but sometimes happens in other gears :(

Megasquirt running 26 psi on a 50 trim turbo using MSD Blaster 2 coil, MSD 8.5 wires and NGK plugs gapped to 0.022". Also running meth with the smallest jet. Dwell is set to 3.6.

It's fine in every gear except 5th, and it doesn't completely put out the spark, it's like a super fast off and on of the spark, best way I can think to describe it is, it's kinda like a machine gun on and off but faster).

So I was wondering if anyone else is getting spark out issues similar to mine and what plug gaps are you guys running?

Also for people who are using MS, what dwell are you using?

I'm trying to avoid gapping smaller but if that is the only option then I will give in and do that.

Is there any other way to increase our spark output?

Also someone mentioned turbulence from the head could possibly cause this issue, anyone think that could be true? I personally doubt it since it is only happening in 5th :shrug: (I'm on stock internals and stock head)

Thanks for any help.

Mazda Carnage 11-9-18 14:57

I can tell you that running 30psi on a T3 60trim using 2600cc's of fuel and 400cc's of water meth to maintain a 10.8 A/F ratio, ported everything, ngk v grooves gaped to .35 with NGK blue wires (mix and match), factory ignition and have no arching or blown spark to redline in 5th.

Are you running an MSD 6a or 7a ignition with the coil ?

If not try the factory coil and ignition, and add an engine ground or two from different spots than factory, to frame bolts or to the battery.

5th gear is the heaviest engine loading gear, it could also be a megasquirt reading or programing issue, but distributor output pickup signal only appears to be an issue at high rpm and would be constant in every gear.

1FIERCEGT 11-11-18 0:37

Thanks for the reply. I'm only using the Blaster 2 coil and MSD wires (no msd box). Igniter OE and I'm using NGK plugs installed and gapped by the tuner.

I only get the issue on the high boost setting, when I run my low boost setting (18psi) there is no issue.

And also you'll not I edited the OP to include that it seems to happen in other gears as well in high boost, but only sometimes, not everytime. I am thinking the lower outside temp may be why it started happening in the other gears nut I'm not sure.

One of the local shop guys here said maybe it could be turbulence in the head on the high boost that is causing the spark blow out, what do you think, any chance of that? (I'm on a stock non ported head).

EDIT: I will try the extra grounds but the car is put away for the winter now so will have to be in the spring that I do that.

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