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Power: 5
Car/Model/Engine/Year: Mazda Mx6 LS KLDE 93

Method of forced induction used: Ebay T3/T04e (Turbo starts to spool at 3K, BOOST at 3.5K)
BoomBop V-Band Top 38mm Wastegate, dump to atmosphere
Blitz Type R BOV

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Same Side FMIC, 2.25in intercooler piping (PC'd Black)

Fuel mods: Blox 12:1 FMU, Millenia S injectors, and Aeromotive FPR

Engine/tranny mods: Stock internals, 6puck XTD clutch, 2.5 inch turbo back with a Jeff Jeske Resonated Test pipe and a 4 inch WB sensor pipe (goes downpipe, WB sensor pipe, Resonated Test pipe and 2.5in test pipe back)

Special features on your system: instead of rewelding the downpipe like 95% of people end up doing... I went out there and added 4 inches of piping and added a WB bung so everything has Exhaust flanges so if i wreck or sell the car i can sell a complete 3 piece exhaust with wideband sensor pipe which allows you to just bolt everything up and go w/o having to reweld anything...

Performance: Not sure yet but ill post dyno pics/numbers soon...

Was it hard to come up with this: Was pretty hard for being a first time I've EVER put on a turbo kit before...

What is your knowledge about cars: I know the KLDE/KLZE like the back of my hand... Rebuilt and installed a couple already...

How long did it take to build your system: I'd say it took 3 days to get everything perfectly in... but a few more days to finish everything up...

How much money have you spent on this all: USD $1800

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Make sure you have EVERYTHING before starting to put everything together... you will have many endless runs to shops if you dont...
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