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Originally Posted by chino9656 View Post
jeez...I didn't see what you guys meant about their language, but yikes! They are like a bunch of highschoolers!
Good thing we all have paren...i mean, moderators to keep us in check
Some punk ass from East threw an ice ball at my eclipse yesterday. He actually made it in my windows, surprisingly. Little bastard...I was in shock at first, didn't know what to do...then I flipped around (screeching pretty good) and pulled into the parking lot. The kid took off. Luckily, the school's security cameras caught a few kids throwing snowballs in my direction, and the administration knew exactly who they were. I told them my car needed to be detailed because the ice ball knocked a coke out of my hands and liquid and ice flew all over my seats.
It's probably a good thing I didn't catch the prick...I wouldn't want to be caught on camera myself doing what I would have done to him...
Anyway, that's the end of my rant. All my Evanston friends are going to the auto show on Sunday, so I guess that's when I'll be there
I would have found out who they were and where they lived. They would regret even thinking about throwing something in my direction! HAHA
Reminds me of a line from a movie. "I know where you live and I know where you sleep and I swear by all that is Holy your mothers will cry when they see what I have done to you!"
HAHA, in fact, you remind me of the actor (kind of).


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