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I'm working today from 12-6, but I'm planning on going to the show Sunday (I feel like I have already typed this...)
Nick, how long has it been since you've seen me? I'm not fat anymore
Did I mentioned I flipped my car around and ran into the parking lot after him?? haha... and if it would have actually hit my car (instead of going in it), I probably would have hunted him down. I'm still finding pockets of water in places like my cupholder...

I'm quitting smoking (oh by the way, I smoke if you didn't know). It is seriously harder to quit smoking (even with patches) than it was for me to stop eating junk food, fast food, drinking soda, and all that crap when I lost weight...Anyway, wish me luck! haha...

A last eclipse key doesn't work in either of the doors now...but it works in the trunk, ignition, and glove box. I even tried my spare key, same thing. I had to climb in through my hatch after a party last night. And then after I started my car, the alarm starts going off...perfect, 3AM and I'm driving around with my alarm going off in a ticket magnet...
Anyway, anyone have any ideas?? I was thinking about taking it into a shop, I need to get my brake fluid flushed anyway. The key won't even turn when I put it in the doors, but there's absolutely no problem in the hatch or ignition, i don't get it...And this was sudden, too, it never used to stick or anything like that...
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