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Power: 5
Car/Model/Engine/Year: MX-6 LS 2.5L KLO3/KLDE V6 '93

Method of forced induction used: ebay T3/T4 hybrid. Hotpipes/ downpipe made by Gandarilla

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Intercooled, 28x5.5x2.5

Fuel mods: Walbro 255 lph fuel pump, Megasquirt, Cosmo Racing AFPR, Mazda Millenia S Fuel injectors

Engine/tranny mods: Stock, have a short shifter. I also have a tranny saver but havnt put it on yet.

Special features on your system: AEM wideband EUGO gauge, Megan Racing boost and oil psi gauges. This setup put out over 400 whp when Gandarilla was using it.

Performance: Faster than before

Was it hard to come up with this: It wasnt too hard, just took a long time.

What is your knowledge about cars: Not a ton. I knew the basics of stuff, but i did a lot of research about everything before i started buying parts.

How long did it take to build your system: I started buying parts in the middle of the summer and started putting them on in December so a few months.

How much money have you spent on this all: Up to over 3000 To get it running, i still need more stuff though

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Know what you are doing. Be prepared for something to go wrong.

Would you do it again? I like that I did it and i love driving it, but sometimes i wish i would have bought a fast car to begin with.

93 Mx6 LS-T-project car
93 PGT-daily
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