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Originally Posted by NSXR View Post
Just read thru the whole thing and I must say u did a great job.

If u wanna do something, just do it ... people tend to say nothing is possible so ignore them.


PS: I am still waiting to see someone create the MX6/626 coupe 4WD.
That's what I'm waiting for too! AWD MX-6 would CERTAINLY be worth the international fame!! The local inspection agents aren't too excited about the idea though

Originally Posted by moebius View Post
Even better is the possible 4ws/4wd GD platform.. according to MSGTR, it is possible..
The problem is the 4WS and AWD parts are considerably different to each other... the only way I can imagine is the lateral arms on AWD were replaced with hydraulic rams. Proper AWD parts don't have RWD CV joints in the rear axle,, and 4WS won't bolt on to AWD parts

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