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Power: 5
Car/Model/Engine/Year: mx6 m edition kl03 96

Method of forced induction used: ebay T3/T4 hybrid. with matching ebay setup

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Intercooled, ebay kit

Fuel mods: upgraded, but not sure on the exacts, has ms and upgraded pump and injectors

Engine/tranny mods: stock as far as i know

Special features on your system: nifty oil press, boost and a/f gauges mounted under stereo

Performance: 13s at over 4000ft

Was it hard to come up with this: was purchased as is, previous owner put alot of time into it though

What is your knowledge about cars: Im pretty mechanically inclined, have been doing 1gens since high school, work as a diesel mechanic, this is my first run with the kl, however.

How long did it take to build your system: purchased as is

How much money have you spent on this all: paid 3500 for the car

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: its a blast work through the hard parts, its worth it

Would you do it again? yep, still have to finish the 1gens...

I really dont know enough about the mods on this car, just know all of it was bought off ebay...its fun to drive and smooth with the power, unlike my 1gens. Once I get my 90 back on the road I'll tweak this car to my liking...but for now it gets me to work and back and has fun doing it
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