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Originally Posted by Mazda SpeedFeen View Post
i have heard so many stories on apex seals...that they wear and not to buy one with over so many thousand kms, or that they need replacement every so many k's or this and that. Its one of those things that you dont replace unless you need to. Its a bit of work to do for it. Ill tell you one thing tho....i have also heard that if your apex seals are worn that the engine is blown....

There are no standard rules to determine how nong the seals should last, we already talked about what kills them but as for what preserves them it really comes down to the driving habits of the owners.

I would steer clear of anr really low mile cars, and ones that have obviously been neglected or abused.

If I were ever to buy one it would fit the 10-15 thousand mile per year average be adult owned and the owner would prefferably be somewhat conservative while still enjoying the experience of wraping the car out now and then.

I recently passed on a beautiful GSL-SE because it had only 24K. The seller said it had been sitting since the mid 90's but thats still really low milage for ten years of driving.

What puts me off most 7's isnt any doubt about the motors durability or reliability it's that they are vulnerable to abuse and tend to fall into abusive hands (main reason I like 6's over Probes) and when they do break are realy expensive to rebuild correctly.

If I bought one brand new and were responsable for it's condition from day one I wouldnt hesitate to drive it like I stole it and take cross country trips with it.

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