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Power: 5
car/model/engine/year: 2.5L 93' mazda mx6 ls

method of forced induction used: used(but in great condition) turbonetics t3 super 60 turbo wit a .48 stage 2 turbine wheel

intercooled or not, type of your choice: intercooled, a used intercooler kit that was already built from scratch by cfz

fuel mods: walbro 255 hp fuel pump, millenia s injectors, ebay afpr, vortech fmu!

engine/tranny mods: stock internals/xtd 11lb flywheel, xtd stage 3 clutch, rr-racing short throw shifter, rr-racing shifter poly bushings, royal purple gear oil, king 6 poly engine mounts all around, king 6 custom poly control arm bushings, msd 6al, msd blaster 3, H.E.I. mod, king 6 traction bars, goodridge stainless steel clutch line, two steps colder autolite sparkplugs gapped at .30, hot pipes heat wrapped, royal purple 10w30 motor oil, ebay oil cooler

special features on your system: autometer ultra lite oil pressure gauge, autometer ultra lite oil temp gauge, autometer ultra lite boost gauge, autogauge fuel pressure gauge, aem wideband uego gauge, blue l.e.d's in gauge cluster, apexi turbo timer, greddy ebc(not yet installed), no-name aftermarket tach gauge mounted on the A pillar lol! full msd ignition setup for that extra spark!

performance: not dynoed yet...but will be soon!

was it hard to come up with this: no not at all!

what is your knowledge about cars: i come from a family that does nothing but build 350 blocks so i know a bit about engines...i'm also currently in school studying auto mechanics!

how long did it take to build your system: about 2 years peicing everything toke me a week to put it in the car due to a lot of custom work

how much money have you spent on this all: between 2500-3000 which i will be raising soon

what is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: know what ur getting into before you do it. have everything planned out and all your parts already together before you even start a project like this...your bound to be missing something before you start. make sure your engines healthy and get ready for a bit of custom work to do and a bit of tweaking to do!.....n enjoy ur turbocharged v6 engine !

turbocharging is not cheap and its not easy to put in, its a lot of hard work so be ready for that.

93 mx6 ls living large and turbocharged!

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