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Some parts started arriving ^.^

Vacuum lines

Use 70% isopropyl alchohol to clean the lines when they get dirty

T-bolt clamps to secure the 4" couplings to both 4" turbo inlets

4-ply New black 2.5" intercooler piping

I got lucky, they're a decent thickness, you never know with those eBay kits...

Red couplings + t-bolt clamps

Knicked a roll of heat wrap from work, I grabbed another one clean & new in plastic but forgot to bring it home. I'll probably sell this one for $20

Some more parts arrived
HLA - Hydraulic Lash Adjusters

Wheel arches (stock on the GT-R models)
RHD passenger side wheel arches, but I need the ones for the driver side! A small mixup in the term "driver's side" due to RHD, no biggie, CorkSport has the other halves sitting on a desk to exchange

Hood vents (stock on the GT-R models)

JDM front grill badge - finishing piece, the last item that'll only go on once the entire car is completely finished.

I will be ordering a replica bumper from Corksport when it comes time to do body work. I'll fiberglass a lip to the bottom of it and stick some Hella 500s I ordered last year and have sitting in a box for the fog lights. Here's what the stock GT-R is supposed to look like:

Definitely planning to update the styling, projector HID conversion, clear corners, fab a front lip, Speedline 2020 wheels, Hella 500 driving lights

More parts on the way, but mainly I'm saving to buy the Escort GTR now.
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