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Fuel System

Got both fuel assemblies out too, fuel tank will come out soon, along with the filler assembly, and all of the fuel lines. The plan is to replace the sender pump with the Walbro from the built Escort GTR I'm buying, and the main pump will be a 300LPH modified Denso pump (Denso Fuel Pump - 300LPH 1020 Toyota Supra Denso Fuel Pumps). I think the extra fuel from the return line will help compensate the Denso's increased fuel draw rate.

Transfer pump on the left, lack of main fuel pump on the right (donated it to my 323GT/Millennium Falcon project)

Got the propshaft off, all of the exhaust (3", need to redo it in stainless and add more joints), and a few rock guards early in the day.

Some of the support bracket for the fuel filler lines are rusted through, I'll need to source new ones.

Saddleback fuel tank

The transfer pump section doesn't have a baffle like the main pump side

There's like a bucket on this side to keep fuel trapped and prevent fuel starvation.

Dirty, dirty fuel. No wonder my filter was black when I replaced it last year. Those japs got dirty fuel, period.

Loosened more of the front suspension, going to have to get creative with the front axles again though, *le sigh*
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