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Angel Eyes: are they brighter than stock A-spec?

I bought some Angel Eyes last winter when I got my car. Here in Alaska, driving in the dark is a big deal - it's long nights coupled, bad snow, etc. The stock lights were so bad it was I looked around, found this site, found about the options I had, and sent off for Ebay Angel Eyes. Now, in the meantime, I bought some Sylvania Gold Halogens - and they were so much better, that with a haze-kit to clear some the bad lens on my headlights, that I never installed the Angel Eyes.

So last night, with driving in the dark happening again, I tried the Angel Eyes. Took me about 2 hours total, outside in the dark, with a flashlight
The wiring for the led halo sucks, teen wires, too short, no connectors, but I'll had some cheap connectors later, right now they are wired to the parking lights.

Cosmetic stuff anyway.

What I wanted to right was that they are a LOT brighter. So bright, I can't tell when I turn on my fog lights (also severly hazed lol) while with the stockers I keep the fogs on for the little "extra" they provide.

They also suck to aim. The adjustment screw are rigidly mounted to the light housing, and don't adjust up and down much. I flipped the rh low beem upside down to be able to pull it off off the road right in front of me.
But they do light up the road better. Dispersion isn't good, they seem to be spot driving beams, but they are better than crappy A-specs.

The ones with HID projector lights may be even better, with more side-side lighting, and hopefully better aiming. But if you are desperate to be able to see, they do the job.
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