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Long term update:

Originally Posted by deepmud View Post
I bought some Angel Eyes last winter--bla bla ---
-- but they are better than crappy A-specs.
NOT better after a winter of use, with sanded road and crap on them, the let moisture and dirt inside the lens, the reflector mirror coating wipes off when you t try to clean them.

Originally Posted by deepmud View Post
The ones with HID projector lights may be even better, with more side-side lighting, and hopefully better aiming. But if you are desperate to be able to see, they do the job.
Also you should expect to get the covers available for them - with clear covers, the dirt/moisture intrusion would be greatly alleviated. They would still suck to aim. Again, projector versions may work better, still use the covers IMHO.

Lastly, I now have J-specs, I've had them a couple weeks, with HID in the low beam. VAST improvement. They came with the HID, so I can't say how important that is or is not - my guess is that they are great with halogen too. The high beams are fantastic, and they are still halogen. I wish I'd never wasted any money on anything else and had gotten E or J specs right off the bat.
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