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1. I have heard a lot of different ways of doing it. I plan on leting the car run for 5 minutes, turn off. Then change the oil and run it for 30 min. then change the oil at 500 miles. Is this a good way to break in a F2T?

Should work, maybe excessive, but would work. I changed mine at about 200 miles or so on the first change, maybe a bit more. I did a somewhat hard break in, not as hard as I liked, but seems to have worked.

2. I was wondering if anyone on here has an ACT clutch? I picked up a good clutch from them (XT-SS) and was wondering how I should break it in. I figured with the combo of freshly rebuilt motor and a new clutch I should baby it for 500 miles (no boost). Due to the fact that I have a 16G turbo on it, I dont want to hit boost and have the clutch slip. I also want to try to break it in so that it wont chatter.

The clutch will likely need an easy break in, but as far as the engine goes, driving it a bit hard loads the rings a bit more, and they seat faster and better, but it won't hurt it to do a soft break in.

3. Can you re-use F2T head bolts? I plan on getting ARP head studs but money is tight and I need to get my car running. I figured I could re_use them during the break in period, and then put the APR studs in.

Yes they can be re used, if you can check the length...usually my rule for mine is I'll only re use them if it was initially the stock install to begin with, and I try to only ru use them once...but I have an abundance of them compared to running engines/cars, so I can just bounce around sets...
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