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Yeah I probably will have them powder coated later on, but right now I just want to get everything on the car and just drive it because winter is right around the corner.

Had a crazy week of work but I managed to get some stuff done on the car.

- Replaced tran fluid with NEO
- Installed C's short shifter
- Replaced the CD player and redo all the wiring
- Added R1 din pocket
- Fixed leaky odometer capacitor
- Installed Speedhut gauges
- Rewired fuel pump
- Installed Rotary Extreme hood damper

Old junk

New harness

Ran all the wire behind the radio pocket and dash

Replaced a leaky capacitor on the odometer circuit board

Running all the gauge wire under the passenger foot rest and out the passenger side fender

Fuel pump rewire

95% of the interior is back in

Put the fender and rims back on and put her back on the ground, almost for got how low the car is even on stock suspension lol.

RE hood damper

This week I'll tackle the engine bay

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