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At this stage I only have FWD workshop manuals and they are paper copies. This site does not support uploading of manuals but I will see if are prepared to host some. I know they have some manuals already.

If I have anything they don't i'll see if I can get it uploaded.

With regards to turbo charging an R2, there were no turbo charged R2 motors from the factory although there was an aftermarket kit that you could buy here in Australia to do that, but due to lack of popularity was discontinued some time ago. At least the R2 is able to take some turbocharging. These motors are massively over designed (so long as you never run them out of water or allow them to over heat in any way).

The RF-T is a relatively easy swap into the B2200 from what I can gather, there are various people who have done this in other parts of the world.

The specs are very similar to the RF-CX, but I don't have any exact figures. There are some slight variations in specification. The early motors were good for about 60kW and 180NM the later ones up to 200NM and 68kW. The later ones were mostly fitted to Suzuki Vitara/Escudo models and their Mazda equivalent; the Mazda proceed levante.

Late models used electronic spill valve control, meaning you need the ECU to control the injector pump. I don't know what year this happened, I would guess mid 90s.

This motor was discontinued in the late 90's when the direct injection RF-T went into production but this motor was only ever available in FWD. The WL was the RWD option and was still indirect injection but shares no common parts from what I know.

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