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New block off plates, removed double throttle and AWS.

Next is fuel, Aeromotive pump, AFPR, SS line and serviced stock injectors.

Stock pump

Aeromotive 340lph

Wrapped the downpipe with some leftover heatwrap I have from the MX-6, and got a wideband bung welded on.

Put everything back together, install MBC and the large SMIC I got last year.

Also got some new pulleys to replace the blue GReddy one, don't want too many colors.

Love these Speedhut gauges

Got her running in November, she sat for a year since the last time I drove her in 2012 but she started right up with the PowerFC

Everything is great except that I can't control my boost with this free flowing exhaust, it's spiking up to 12psi by 6k even with the ported wastegate, and the timing on this tune in the PowerFC is a bit aggressive to me so I'm going to get it retune in the spring. Gonna get bigger injectors and turn up the boost next year since I'm getting it tune anyways, aiming for 14-15psi, we'll see how it goes

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