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As far as importing goes to the us, they are now passing the 25 year import mark for us so in the next few years a couple may pop up. I've talked to a few importers and most said to find a clean one and get here no matter what will take time. I got deals on both the chassis and rhd drive parts that couldn't really pass far as know what I'm doing, I have a game plan but no there's not a manual for taking on a project like this. ive worked in fab and machine shops most of my life so have understanding in a lot different areas from welding to machining. Why do an mx6? Why do a civic why do 240sx? It's different then most cars that get rhd conversions here. I've owned 4 of these cars so have a soft spot for them and as metioned before I got good deals on most of the parts to go with it. As far as finishing it I hope I one day finish it to,I've had these parts for a while now but have been out of state for a few years. It's time consuming a pain in the ass but still I hope to get it up and running. And thank you gwq-12. for the pictures they do help! May have a couple questions o your gas pedal but I have to dig mine out to take some pictures sometime this week
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