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Originally Posted by 04ProbeGT View Post
As long as you're using the harness from the 87 RX7 ZP4 thats the best harness to use as you only need to rewire the injectors as the rx7 runs 4 wires and the mx6 runs 2. If you know what you're doing this is a 2 min job.

All of my info on rewiring the harness came from the real hks mx6 harness. If you need a eprom chip let me know I still have a few.

I found its better to run a stock chip with only fc as apposed to using the fcd.
I have no idea what I'm doing, wish I had a real harness to refer to but I'm glad I've got you. And yes I do need the chips.

Are you saying run the PFC Fcon with chip and not using the Fuel Cut Defender?

Here are the two harnesses I have that are supposed to be from an RX7;

I have 2 PFC FCons, 2 GCC and 2 FCD (one old and one new) and one Mixture Cont.
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