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Originally Posted by XfactorMX6 View Post
I have no idea what I'm doing, wish I had a real harness to refer to but I'm glad I've got you. And yes I do need the chips.

Are you saying run the PFC Fcon with chip and not using the Fuel Cut Defender?

Here are the two harnesses I have that are supposed to be from an RX7;

I have 2 PFC FCons, 2 GCC and 2 FCD (one old and one new) and one Mixture Cont.
What box's do you have? Open then up and look in the top right corner you should see an fc3 or fc4 this well tell me what chips you need.

As for the mixture control is the blue wire tapped into the box or is it tapped into the harness?

Instead of using the fcd just run a an ecu that has a stock chip that has boost cut removed. The fcd is just a voltage clamp and leans out the top end, while the bc chips wont have that issue. If you need I have those chips as well.

IF those are the correct harness ZP-4 (Check to see if you have a small silver sticker on the harness that has zp-4 as well as what eprom are in teh unit are tehy by chance E104?) harness then you just have to re-pin the injectors, but as you should be able to tell those 2 harness you have have different colored wires so its not like I can say what to do by color.

IF you can get me a pic of the back of the harness only need one that way you can copy it on the second. I'll tell you what 2 wires to remove and what 2 wires to tie together and what 2 wires to connect.

See hes what the issue is the ZP4 has 8 injector wires 4 in and 4 out while the mx6 only uses 2 input and ties the 4 output signal into two pins on the ecu side of the jumper harness. So you have to cut out 2 of the input signals wires, patch those as a pass through, de-pin them from the back of the fcon plug as they are not needed and then tie the out put signals to the other 2 output signal wires.

All of those wires are located on the small plug its the only one you'll need to unwrap.

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