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Thanks for the reply. I'm only using the Blaster 2 coil and MSD wires (no msd box). Igniter OE and I'm using NGK plugs installed and gapped by the tuner.

I only get the issue on the high boost setting, when I run my low boost setting (18psi) there is no issue.

And also you'll not I edited the OP to include that it seems to happen in other gears as well in high boost, but only sometimes, not everytime. I am thinking the lower outside temp may be why it started happening in the other gears nut I'm not sure.

One of the local shop guys here said maybe it could be turbulence in the head on the high boost that is causing the spark blow out, what do you think, any chance of that? (I'm on a stock non ported head).

EDIT: I will try the extra grounds but the car is put away for the winter now so will have to be in the spring that I do that.


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