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Originally Posted by XfactorMX6 View Post

Mixture control is pinned into the plug that goes to the FCON, no wires tapped into box. Why did they do it both ways? Is there a difference?

Ok so no FCD needed. I have 3 chips here, zombie, probinator and one more unknown chip, will any of those work?

ZP-4 sticker confirmed on harness with control mixture box. Other harness is missing sticker but wires match up on every connector.
One chip missing sticker
Other chip says E149

I should have read the entire post, was replying section by section. I will re-read this tomorrow morning when my brain is fresher.
Alright so lets know these out

FC4 is a E board you'll need the E chip

Yes there is a difference, going into the box give quicker response.

Yes and no, what the fcon does is interpreted the fuel maps and add on top but my issue when using the zombie or probinator was the timing, I didn't like how it was played with so I just went back to a stock chip. Like I said if you need one and can burn you one no problem.

Perfect as long as we know what harness were starting with were good as I have even used some of the Toyota ones before but you have to rewired the whole thing.

The only thing is fcon is really missing for the cool points is an ipm. Thats an injector pulse monitor

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