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Originally Posted by NickR View Post
In diagnostic mode, the cooling fans are supposed to be off with the throttle closed, but both cooling fans are supposed to come on at high speed when you open the throttle ever so slightly. (This is known as the "fan method" for adjusting the throttle position sensor.) I think it's some sort of "fail safe" mode to prevent overheating if the ecu is not getting a proper reading of temperature. But I doubt that is related to the no spark problem.

I would suspect the distributor, because it's a known weak spot. But I'm just guessing. (I suppose you have checked the timing belt has not broken, and that the distributor rotor is turning?)
There is a lot of moisture condensation on the runners and some of the plastic parts. I haven't taken off the distributor cap yet, to see if there is moisture inside. Will do that today. I don't see any condensation on the outside of the distributor cap or wires. This distributor only has about 4,000 miles on it.

I doubt the timing belt just broke when I stopped and parked it overnight. I know they can fail at unusual times. If I see the distributor rotor moving, I will know if the timing belt is still in 1 piece.

Is the use of the timing light a good way to test for spark ?
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