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I was able to get a test light, light up from the 3 prong primary connector, so power must be getting to the distributor. I ordered a new one and will put that in and hopefully the car will start. If so, it won't explain why it failed with only a year and 4,000 miles on it. There was a lot of moisture the day before, so if the new distributor works, chalk it off to moisture getting in the previous distributor. One time before I got water on the alternator from driving through high water - it failed the next day.

One unusual thing about my car setup is I have a 1994 MX6 which had a v6 engine. I put in a Millenia engine from a car around year 2000. So the newer model distributor that would go on the Millenia engine does not necessarily work with the wiring from the 1994. At least that is what the books show, as they show different test methods for power. When I first put in the Millenia engine with the distributor that came with it, it did not start. When the older style (newly purchased) was put it, the car started and ran fine. The older style is what is installed now, and the older style is what I purchased.
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