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Diyautotune has excellent reading material for installing the MS systems. Id do lots of reading before taking a stab at it. It really wasnt that hard to install for me, proper connectors and tools really makes a difference. Went through a lot of head scratches because i saved a few bucks not buying the proper tools for the job. Lesson learned. There is auto tuning software available for MS systems as well. Pretty good stuff to help you after youve already went through and set it up with your info. A professional would be recommended for the tuning side or just take your time and learn the processes. Good street tune and my auto tune function and ive yet to go on a dyno. Granted only at 8 psi for now with my set up. There are easier ways and there are harder ways to go about it. I like having full control over my engine and invested in the ms3x system. Just about the best supporting mod you can buy if you plan on making changes to your cars performance. Not sure how chipping really works as i am from a different generation and didnt get to mod cars in the earlier 2000s and stuff. I know some folks still use them which i think is awesome. I like being able to tell my computer the size and specs of my new injectors in 15 seconds or less. Or what my new coil pack specs out at as i plan on upgrading to a full sequential ign set up instead of wasted spark, which im using currently. Test all injectors from the computer, bang your coils. Set up your water meth on it. Fuel pump on off controls. So many things thatd save time when troubleshooting or adding new components. Plus the added benefits of progressive boost control and fine tuning your launch control set up. All sorts of goodies. Love my Megasquirt 3 X ems, still have most of my inputs and outputs to be used in the future so its good investment for all my plans. Also, my tablet uses the app thats associated with efi analytics to display my gauges and tach via Bluetooth, and theres a Heads up display mode that mirrors the graphics. Velcro straps holding it on my dash. See through reflective tape on a small section of windshield above my dash. Full heads up display of all my stuff. Wonderful
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