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Talking JDM Engine Swap Questions for '93 MX-3 . . .

Sorry to barge in on this forum, but is all but dead, last post in like 2016, and no-one seems to be monitoring it anymore (it was chock full of impatient Cannucks anyway; had to be careful when posting). OK, so, Labor Day I am going to boneyard to grab an M/T and Flywheel off a '94 MX-6 (got lucky and found one; may be the last good donor in the Phoenix Metro)(yeah, I know; my MX-3 Flywheel is lighter; I just thought the heavier wheel would make for smoother shifting; I don't plan on racing anyone). I plan to do a JDM KL-DE curved neck swap. First question: Being that I have a '93 MX-3, does it matter what year the JDM engine is from? Like, should I try to locate a JDM of a specific year or years range for ease of swap? Question 2: Should I also grab the half-shaft off the 6? (is it interchangeable with the MX-3's?) Question 3: I haven't had time to search out info about the ECM complexities; would the '94 MX-6 ECM be of any use for my swap (should I grab it?)? Question 4: Is it possible to delete the EGR and pass emissions? (I read it's not needed with the KL-ZE swap, but dunno about emissions testing issues with that either). Any additional informational tips I haven't thought of asking about yet are of course welcomed input. And no, just kidding; I don't have any problems with our Canadian friends, except for maybe that female ex-Prime Minister of about 5 whole months . . . whose been busily deleting rude and obnoxious Tweets lately. Ha!
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