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Lol, Hi NickR~! I will grab the extra stuff then. I won't be going anywhere; nowhere else to go! I hope to do my engine swap by next spring, and I expect I will have plenty of questions then. On an aside, I recently bought a New IAC valve that showed up on eBay. It made no difference for my horsepower loss problem. I measured the resistance before installing it at 12.5 ohms. For a goof, I again measured it on the old IAC; same, 12.5 ohms. I had previously measured it at 13+ ohms, which is why I replaced it. I probably measured it hot and got a bad measurement.

Now, my neighbor suggests doing the basics, like checking the timing. There are 3 reasons why I have not. 1. I have swapped the disty, but carefully marked the position, so, I don't see how the timing could be off. 2. When I did my timing belt, I did not put back my T belt covers. I threw away the one for the engine left side (all I think they do is retain heat), and tried to install a skeletonized Right side cover, the one with the timing marks, but, I literally couldn't fit it back into place, so I left it off. 3. I don't have a Timing Light! But, can the timing sneak itself out of whack somehow???

Looks like I will have to limp it along until I do the engine swap, at this rate. I really can't stand having a car that doesn't run right; drives me nuts. But it is what it is, I guess. At least I don't worry about being stranded again; my feeling of it is that it won't get any worse.
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