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well, I had it in my mind to get a often called KLZE with a curved neck (pretty sure they are more like a KLDE unless they have a straight neck intake). With a MX-3, it is too hard to try to fit a Straight neck, and I THINK the other type curved neck will go in, even though it looks somewhat different than the 1.8L curved neck that I have. The other two options would be: 1. Get a legit KLZE and use my smaller curved neck intake, or 2. Grab an intake from the junk yard off a 626/MX-6/Probe if it is curved neck.

Just got back from boneyard; my donor was crushed. I didn't have the money needed at the time. So, the search continues for a good tranny donor.

I think I will try adjusting the timing by hit 'n miss adjustments since I don't have the timing mark in place.

Good to hear I shouldn't need a different ECM for the engine swap.
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