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Originally Posted by pigeon853 View Post
Hey kerimar, is your car lowered? Or is that wheel gap with the stock suspension?
Lowered 40mm

Here is a link to my Car Thread.

https://www.mx6.com/forums/gallery/248687-hi-uk.html (Hi from the UK)
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I know this is the OEM Mazda, but since the Ford Probe is related I was curious if we could find some other rims to include in here?

I'm REALLY curious to see if a 2000 Mustang GT 17x8 rim on one of our cars. I thought I saw a picture of an MX6 with a set of these 5 star on, but I can't find it online. Anyone have any pictures they could share of this?

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How do you attach pictures in this forum ?
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Hi guys,

I own '92 J-Spec GE Mazda MX6 4WS. My experience so far is putting the FD RX7 standard wheels, the SP20 Familia wheels, and Mazdaspeed MS-D wheels:
  • FD RX7 Standard Wheels (16x8)
    I forgot what offset it was but you guys probably know this more than me. This fits GE MX6 only for those WITHOUT 4WS. I think it may fit in the front (I only did visual check) but most definitely WILL NOT fit in the back for those J-Spec or any other GE 4WS models. Trust me, I so wanted to. Spacers may solve this but in my country, this needs certification and this means paying some dude with supposed "license" to say "yup, it is okay", give you certification plate to stick on your engine bay, and pay him like $300. No thanks. By the way, no pictures. There would've been had it fit. LOL!
  • SP20 Familia Wheels (16x6)
    I think the offset was +45 or +50, I have to check again. I like the shape but boy, that offset and width just didn't flatter the car at all. They are sunken inside the arches.
    I have a whole post on my Cardomain website with many pictures to show you how sunken it was (sorry, no actual measurements. Only visual). Please check it out:
  • MS-D Mazdaspeed Wheels (16x7)
    This is one of two original Mazdaspeed wheels I own. This one is alright. It does have some presence to it because the design is so foreign and so unlike popular current wheel designs you see. But being 16", people do tend to overlook it, until they see the Mazdaspeed decals on them, that is. Remember boys, size does not matter anyway.
    Have a look of it at my Photobucket:
    MX6 Under A Big Tree Photo by PhotosByDan | Photobucket

I don't aim to get the widest or the biggest wheels around so that is why my wheels list is like that. In my opinion if no mods are wanted (and offset dependant of course), 7.5" would look best in the car. Can stretch that to 8 but double check if your car is 4WS. The diameter is up to your taste really but I think 17 would work best in terms of a function between fashion and useability.

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Thread revive here....'09 miata wheels

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