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teeheeweek 5-12-18 15:57

Jdm swap issues!!!!
Hey guys, ive got a 2g mazda mx6 that im doing a kl-ze swap on. Everything is going together like it should, ive got the american alternator on so the ecu can receive the information to charge, and the american distributor cap installed because ik the jap one dont work. However my question lies in the intake manifold. I haven't swapped the egr system over or re-done any vacuum lines on the jap motor. Im wondering if someone can tell how important it is to do those two things. What electrical components can prohibit a start up besides the maf sensor?

My main issue is the car is not starting up, i have spark, fuel, good grounds, and everything is plugged in, besides the reverse sensor in the tranny.

What am i doing wrong!?

Todd Volpe 11-1-18 12:51

Hi, I am new to this forum, I don’t see any responses to your question here and I am about to do the same swap. My mechanic is concerned about electrical issues in the aftermath having to do with the computer throwing up engine lights. How did you make out?

NickR 11-2-18 19:27

Hi Todd.
Have you seen the KLZE FAQ thread?
And this thread:

I don't think your mechanic will have any problems. Just remember he needs to swap the distributor.

epxepx 11-7-18 5:44

I put a klze engine from Japan in my 1994 MX6. My car had a 2.5 v6 and has an automatic transmission. There were no issues putting it in except for:

- you may have a problem with the distributor. If so, get a new one.
- the intake manifold has to be able to fit inside the hood space. If it doesn't, you may need to use the intake manifold off your current engine and swap it.

Todd Volpe 4-27-19 15:57

So the swap went well and we did use the manifold off the old engine. The only issue is the engine light comes on after driving about four miles. EGR. My mechanic said it’s a carbon issue that may work itself out and the light won’t come on at all...

zimmkidmx6 4-27-19 17:23

You have the distributor clocked right? You said you have fuel and spark..... was the distributor good before the swap?

Goodbar 4-28-19 9:37

If I recall the ZE engine has a different setup for egr, and if you didn't do some adjustment to the piping, you will always have the egr light come on.

Todd Volpe 5-3-19 21:08

Do you know where I can find out about the piping modification for the EGR issue?

Goodbar 5-6-19 16:47

From what I remember, most or all ZE engines have no hole to connect the egr pipe from the exhaust manifold. You either block the exhaust manifold, or make a hole somewhere in the engine to let the gases pass through. Or find an intake manifold that will serve the same purpose. Either way, the egr gas levels are going to be high. So if you are trying to pass emissions tests in the future it will not pass.

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